3 Things Parents Must Never Say To Their Child

Sadly, Most Parents do this to their children at some point.

Vanessa H.


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Parenting is not an easy task. You don't only have to provide your children with a better life and facilities, but also have to look after them, understand their needs, and prepare them mentally to face the world. Although this is a challenging endeavor, parents may inadvertently harm their children while attempting to protect them.

While if you are a parent, you might be wondering if there’s anything you are doing wrong. Always keep in mind that you are a human and mistakes in parenting are normal and unavoidable, but more important is the fact that,

It is important to recognize our parenting mistakes and try to fix them as soon as possible.

Answering Someone On Their Behalf (usually opinions)

In other words, negatively dominating your child.

Whenever someone asks your child something or there is a discussion going on, parents usually tend to share their opinions on behalf of their children, or they show or force their point of view on their children.

Their aim in doing this is mostly that their child will also learn and shape their mind according to them, but that’s wrong.

Your child is allowed to speak. Let them speak, even if they are stubborn or straightforward. They will learn eventually. Parents need to realize it is okay if their child has a different mindset or a different perspective.

Dominating them in this manner will suppress their thoughts and emotions and will either result in them being isolated or being rebellious and stubborn.

Not Appreciating Their Small Achievements

Almost every child gets appreciated for good school/college performance or grades but very few get appreciated for the activities/interests they have outside school.

A child tends to achieve and show their parents the hidden skills they have got, but most parents ignore their achievements and tell them to focus on their studies.



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