5 Movies and TV Shows That Will Motivate You To Study

Warning: You will fall in love with them.

Vanessa H.


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I will be honest, Studying back then was a difficult task for me. I used to open my books and read for a while and suddenly get distracted by something or either sleep but with that, I had the guilt of procrastinating and not being focused on my studies.

But I realized, I loved watching movies and series. Not primarily for entertainment, but all the movies and tv shows that I ever watched had something to offer. I learned a lot from them. I used to get attached to the characters and the story. So this story is for those who always find a thing to learn from the movies they watch. I am sharing below my favorite movies that always make me feel motivated to study and achieve my goals and there are a lot of reasons why you should watch them too.


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It is a beautiful story of a single man- Frank and his niece Mary. Mary is highly intelligent in mathematics but this god-gifted intelligence in her gets her in trouble when her grandmother finds her brilliant skills. The story revolves around how his uncle takes a stand for her and wants to help his niece learn and grow in a healthy environment rather than getting into worldly competition.

IMDb rating: 7.6/10
Google user rating: 77% of the user liked it.


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Maybe I will never find a teacher as good as Mr.Keating but watching this movie will always make me feel alive.

The story is about an enthusiastic professor Mr. Keating who wants that his students live the best of their lives and learn to do what makes them alive and happy without any guilt.

IMDb rating: 8.1/10
Google users rating: 94% of the user liked it.




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