50 Articles on Medium vs My 9–5 Job

Please don’t do what I did.

Vanessa H.
2 min readJun 19, 2022
photo by jonas on pixabay

Last year, I decided to write on Medium as I lost my job in the Covid season. For a person like me who hates depending on parents or spouse for financial help, I decided to try earning online for myself.

You will be surprised at what happens next.

In September 2021, I lost my job and started writing on Medium right away.

I used to get just 12–20 views per day. And after one month, My payment was just $0.61.

I thought this place is not for me. Highly demotivated, I deleted all of the stories I wrote and that still remains one of my biggest regrets.

Now, what happened was, that I did not write my first article in September but in July. I just shared a part of my struggle in a story about my husband. I thought people will never read it. After that, I only remembered that I have a medium writing account but never wrote here. Continued writing in September.

In October, One day I randomly checked my earnings and found out I had earned $10 for the story I published in July. This was my highest earning till that date.

I thought at least I earned a good meal. I was happy about it.



Vanessa H.

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