60 Articles So Far, But My Earnings!

I can’t just call myself lucky.

Vanessa H.


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Today, I have completed publishing 60 articles on Medium. Don’t be overwhelmed with that number, I am such a lazy person and barely write 1–2 articles per month. But what creates a difference here is — I make sure there is something new in my articles, something people find different.

I kept earning below USD 1 for almost 3 months but suddenly one of my life stories went viral.

Yes! A life story or a small rant?

My first article that made over a USD 100 Suprised me a lot. It wasn’t easy to crack the algorithm here. I had taken NO SEMINARS/ONLINE GUIDES from any existing top writer here. I was just doing my thing.

And when I started writing more, I earned more. I learned the tricks.

The trick was to serve the ‘audience’ with a different dish every time.

Some articles on money. Some on the relationship. Some on business. Some on health.

Luckily all the topics worked but not all the articles.

Money is no doubt, the favorite topic here but people need relationship advice as well. They need to know how to live a healthy life. They need to know better business ideas.

source: screenshot by author

Shown above is a life-story-based topic. It’s not clickbait. It made over USD 200 within 1 month.

source: author’s screenshot

Personal Hygiene: 5 Things You Are Doing Wrong — I was not really interested in writing on this particular topic but I am glad this article worked out.

source: author’s screenshot

This was my favorite one. I was really excited to share about my local PR/branding company and here’s how I put that as a story. Plus point is the title that has:

  1. Numbers
  2. Suggests an easy way to earn money as most people have an iPhone
  3. First-person is used.

I believe the best way to work on Medium is to stop stressing about your earnings, Start writing on your favorite topics, and most importantly, do not limit yourself to one topic.

Try catchy titles that have numbers in case of business-related topics.

And In the case of life-based stories, try a little clickbait-y topic so you can get more people to read what’s inside.



Vanessa H.

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