Are We Getting The Old Medium Back Soon?

I will always have a special place in my heart for this community.

Vanessa H.
2 min readNov 15, 2023
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As time goes by, Every platform and every website goes through some changes. Changes are built based on how the audience uses it.

So did Medium. If you are here since 2018–19 or even before, You might know that the community was strongest back then.

New writers and beginners (like me) came here to share their ideas, People would react and communicate. There was less amount of junk content as we see today.

Even though Medium has always been successful in bringing the best-written forms by writers to its readers. It makes sure we get genuine and human-written, out of the box content here.

Sadly, Some people tried to change the scenario here. They started to make money via AI content. Some started to collect funds.

So many people got into the partner program thinking of earning only instead of sharing ideas and writing.

But recently, I have been getting emails on how Medium is changing. They are changing for the better.

I have seen improvement in my stats. I have seen other writers who were demotivated by this site, start writing again.

I have seen more interesting content lately.

I hope I see the community rise again.

I hope to see my favorite publications coming back.

This little post was for everyone who is struggling to write again or is demotivated by low stats and reach of Readers.

My request to you all is to start writing. We need more amazingly written articles by beautiful minds.



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