Here’s Why You Should Start Self-Publishing Already

Vanessa H.
2 min readNov 10, 2021

Relying on publications will put you in danger.

Most of us are stressing over the changed Medium policies. Medium has changed how our topics/articles get distributed, How the algorithm works, How we gain an audience and this is making us all go crazy because so many writers have been working hard here for a long time, and seeing their stats go down like this is truly disturbing.

You can’t stop what changes Medium wants to bring on their platform but You can definitely mold your work to fit in the changes. No, I am not saying to change your niche or go for topics that are most viewed or publish more often to beat the algorithm.

Well, You might have heard other writers talking about it too, and I will emphasize this fact too, That start self-publishing. I am not telling you to completely avoid publications. Out of 7 articles, you publish in a week, You can submit 3 out of them to publications. Your participation in Publications is equally important.

The reason why I am telling you to Publish on your own is that I have seen great results following this rule. I joined medium last year and I wrote 2–5 articles that time (in the June-July period)but I only started writing properly in October 2021 and From my stats, It’s surprising how my self-published articles were doing great.

One of them made 160$ so far, For a writer like me who has just begun in this field, It’s a great achievement.

Source: Author’s screenshot

I have seen writers here, who got 100k views on an article but still didn’t make much money out of it. Most of them had their articles published in a publication. There’s something about publishing in publications, That brings your earnings down which yet I am unaware of.

For beginners here, I would suggest you should go for a few publications to get the exposure but Keep Self-Publishing your primary goal. This will also let you write whatever you want, without considering the rules of the publications and You will be more vocal about your thoughts and feelings.

I want you all to believe in yourself, and never let that ‘side’ of you hide due to your need to get into the publication communities. Your hard work will pay off.



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