How Being A Paying Member Affects Your Medium Earnings

Vanessa H.
2 min readJul 15, 2022

I did a year-long observation on this.

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When I joined this platform last year, I was also one of those aspiring writers who thought they would write without being a member. I just wanted to know much I could earn from this site.

So in my first 5 months, I just survived on 3 stories a month. This was frustrating sometimes as there were a lot of topics and discussions I wanted to know more about, I had to save them aside and wait for my free stories.

What happened to my earnings? I earned around $3 in those 5 months altogether. Even though I believe I was a beginner, my articles weren’t worthy of getting a lot at that time and I was struggling to get views but I thought let’s give this membership a try.

In the 6th month, I paid my membership fee. (which is only $5)

Instantly, I felt so good, the freedom of reading every article when there’s no limit on how much can we read a month. So many creative minds share their ideas and life lessons.

For the ones concerned about earnings, I earned $70 the month I became a member but it’s not primarily because I “paid” for the membership.

Medium doesn’t favor the members more than the non-paying ones. But being a member gives a writer more benefits than a non-paying writer.

When you become a member:

  1. You get to read more about what’s trending. you get ideas from it.
  2. You build an audience faster because you engage with others’ stories.
  3. The membership fee is economical.

These benefits made me earn more and explore new ideas that will work here.

There’s still the possibility that non-members can earn more than the members just like most of the top writers here do but as a writer’s community member I believe it’s like appreciating each other’s work and the platform’s initiative by paying a small amount of fee to them.

I have earned more than $600 till now, reading, getting inspired, and writing here.

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