How My Earnings Dropped From $250 to $0.04 per month

Vanessa H.
3 min readNov 14, 2022

Mistakes you must never make!

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I believe everyone has their "golden days," when they keep on achieving something that makes them happy and things keep going the way they want. just like how I used to earn more than $100 on this platform and enjoyed writing to the fullest.

I had my golden days too. I used to be a consistent writer, and even as a beginner, things worked out well for me.

Writing is a kind of anti-depressant for me. I used to experiment with writing during my gap year after graduation. Earlier this year, I started my specialty degree in dermatology, something I always wanted to pursue as a profession.

Since then, I have had very little time to write and get ideas for writing.

Unfortunately, my earnings have dropped to their lowest point now. It’s not any kind of algorithm; it’s just me, my mistakes, and my inconsistency as a writer.

During this time of frustration, I did experiment with some things, though most of them didn’t work out, and my earnings have become very low. But some of the tricks did work out; it’s just that I still need some quality time to polish my new writing and make good earnings.

A few things I experienced during this time that I would love to share:



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