How My Earnings Dropped From $250 to $0.04 per month

Vanessa H.
3 min readNov 14, 2022

Mistakes you must never make!

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I believe everyone has their "golden days," when they keep on achieving something that makes them happy and things keep going the way they want. just like how I used to earn more than $100 on this platform and enjoyed writing to the fullest.

I had my golden days too. I used to be a consistent writer, and even as a beginner, things worked out well for me.

Writing is a kind of anti-depressant for me. I used to experiment with writing during my gap year after graduation. Earlier this year, I started my specialty degree in dermatology, something I always wanted to pursue as a profession.

Since then, I have had very little time to write and get ideas for writing.

Unfortunately, my earnings have dropped to their lowest point now. It’s not any kind of algorithm; it’s just me, my mistakes, and my inconsistency as a writer.

During this time of frustration, I did experiment with some things, though most of them didn’t work out, and my earnings have become very low. But some of the tricks did work out; it’s just that I still need some quality time to polish my new writing and make good earnings.

A few things I experienced during this time that I would love to share:

1. Do Not Produce Articles with Unclear Ideas

With this, I mean to say that sometimes, when I was completely out of ideas, I did write on some topics that I had little knowledge of, and just because those were trending topics, I thought they might work.

But guess what, Writing on Medium without strong impacting ideas, clear thoughts, and thinking of good earnings is a dumb idea. It will not work.

Always use clear, simple, and understandable language when writing. It will create a good audience-writer relationship.

2. Do Not Over-Publish Articles

Writing more articles does not necessarily imply earning more.
When you're rushing to write more and more, you may begin to focus on your output rather than the actual ideas and thoughts that resonate with the other writers and the audience.



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