How to Figure out Genuine Articles in this AI world

Vanessa H.
3 min readNov 14, 2023

I am not against AI though!

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The way AI has revolutionized the internet is crazy, the future is AI? Yes. Of course!

And there’s nothing to be scared about it.

But one thing, AI can give amazing ideas but the job of generating content with the words of a human, the emotions of a human is a whole damn different thing.

Robotic advice will always be based on what most people say or what is practical usually, but it’s human who HAS been and who will and who has to think out of the box.

It’s the words of your favorite writer that make you believe that there is communication between you(the reader) and the writer. That feeling of being understood and hooked to it.

Since a lot of us struggle to differentiate between plain AI content and human written forms, Here are basic tips that can help you!

I know there are ways to find plagiarism and AI-generated content specifically but this article is just for the common readers who can’t put everything on analysis hence they can simply differentiate on their basis.

It’s Written in Plain, Simple, Straightforward Manner

That’s the fastest way to identify AI content. It feels like a non-native is communicating. In plain grammar and tone, It seems straightforward and dry.

It lacks communication

The best thing about the big writers is that they write as if they are talking to the readers. That is why the writers stay hooked to what they have to say and that is why they have followers! AI-generated content not only lacks communication but is also boring and straightforward.

It lacks puns, jokes, side stories

Well, powerful and emotion-filled writing will always have a pun, joke, or a witty comment by the writer. That’s what keeps the readers entertained and connected!

It’s Boring. Only informative

You will be easily bored by these articles, unless you need the information so bad, or you have an interest to the general topic.



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