I earned 200$ from a Single Short Article!

Vanessa H.
3 min readDec 1, 2021

But the number of views will shock you.

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If you are thinking that just because only 10% of the medium writers earn more than 100$ a month, It will be very difficult for you to earn here, Let me tell you, you are wrong.

You could be one of those writers but doubting yourself right now is what is keeping you away from your goal. I get it, It’s normal. I have been there too. Especially when I got rejected by so many publications, It was demotivating at first but I had to stay consistent. The only rule was — Spray and Pray! So I did it.

I wrote short stories mostly and I am glad one of my stories earned 200$ so far even though it was a spontaneously written piece. I had just spent less than 30 minutes writing it.

What’s more interesting about it?

Well also shocking that it only has 4.5k views. I always thought only articles with 10k or more views make enough money but then I found what was the actual reason for such earnings.

And another thing...

It went completely ignored for the first three months of publishing it.

I had thought this piece is never going to make money until in October it made over 150$.
That’s crazy. Yes, Algorithm is crazy so don’t lose hope and write write…



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