I Finally joined the $100 club and Here’s What I have learned so far!

Vanessa H.
3 min readOct 26, 2021

If I can do it, Anyone can!

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It’s a big win! Especially for someone like me who never believed in earning online. I always thought that extremely professional people who know the basic tactics of marketing and SEO can earn through medium but This was what I thought and I am super happy that I was wrong!

I finally managed to make 100 dollars from Medium. This is my first time even crossing 1 dollar on this site, The Algorithm is crazy!

It’s been a great time reading and writing here and I will tell you the things I learned that might help you too!

  1. BE CONSISTENT: Yes! Even if you are a famous writer with a big following or a highly professional one – If you will spend a lot of time being away from this platform not writing or sharing anything, There’s a bigger chance Your Reach towards the audience will be highly affected. Consider it a race, You slow down or stop, You will lose it!
  2. BE PATIENT: You may be writing good articles with great quality but that doesn’t ensure that it will get you good views too. Unfortunately, That’s how it works. It’s Not an issue with the Platform but The audience! For your article to reach the perfect audience, It might take some time. So be patient and Believe in yourself. Your article can go neglected for weeks and months but It will somehow at some point reach the right audience and it will be showered with views and Responses.
  3. Use the Right Tags Not the Popular Ones: There are several tags on Medium that Have more than 100k views. People mostly use them. But If your Article is about Technology and You go on with using the tag Life or Lifestyle etc Then It will be lost in the tag as it is quite irrelevant. Use the tags that DIRECTLY relate to your article – Try typing words or phrases that match your article and In the drop-down menu that appears, select the ones with at least 20k views.
  4. Don’t Go For Long Stories: I know many writers believe Quality lies in long stories. But People want their answers quickly – They want to know the central point within 3 minutes of reading. No one wants to spend 7–9 minutes reading an article. It’s Just the case with novels or Suspense stories, But If you are guiding people, Please make sure…



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