Popping A Pimple Can Possibly Take Your Life

This is the most dangerous area of your face.

Vanessa H.
2 min readAug 31, 2022


image by sharon from pixabay

We all get pimples that ruin our face skin and are painful. Most people are tempted to pop them.

Popping the pimple can get rid of the apparent surface of the pimple and get rid of pus and mostly proceed to heal within a few hours but popping the pimple can actually take your life.

There’s a dangerous area of your face that you are not aware of.

It’s called the dangerous area of your face.

image from getty images

Shown above is where exactly the triangle is located.

What is the possible danger of popping a pimple in this zone?

If you pop the pimple in this triangle, the pus or the infection can spread into the nearby veins leading to the Cavernous Sinus.

The cavernous Sinus is part of the brain’s dural venous sinus and contains multiple neuro-vasculatures.

Spreading of infections in the cavernous sinus can be fatal if not treated on time. It can result in mild headaches and dizziness accompanied by vision problems as well.

So, Next time, Be careful when popping a pimple. It can actually take your life. It’s better to use a pimple patch and let it heal on its own.



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