Try These 3 Tricks If you Haven’t Hit The $100 yet!

Time to tell your stories in a different way now.

Vanessa H.


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When you start writing on any platform, you first become concerned about how much you can earn there.

Your ideas, thoughts, and words matter greatly to the writer’s community but sometimes it gets hard to get ‘rightly’ rewarded for your writing.

It’s not just a phase; It’s frustration, disappointment and still forcing yourself to keep writing.

But being a writer on medium and being one of those writers who started their journey of writing through this platform, I can assure you one thing. You will be paid back for all the hard work you are doing. Just keep writing, don’t quit.

Here are some tricks you can try to test what topics or techniques will work best for you, I am sure at least one of these will work out.

1. Try a topic or two that is different from your current niche:

It’s safe to play with different topics here. You can write occasionally on a different topic to see if it brings you a good audience.

I initially started writing on marketing but couldn’t get much reach on my blog posts but one day I decided to share a little life story and that was my first story that hit $200 in one month.

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Not only this; but I also wrote on topics such as Personal growth, Health, Fitness and Hygiene as well and the results were outstanding!

2. Join External Groups and Make Writer Friends

You just can’t work in isolation. No matter if you are writing 5 articles per day, You must build a constant support system. Also, get your friends to join the platform and support you and make new friends from across the world, This will not only give you more views on the story but also more exposure to different people and their ideas.

Moreover, This is the fastest way to get ‘external’ writing-related paid work based on your medium writing. Your medium account also works as your CV.

3. With due Respect, Stop OVERPUBLISHING!

There is a reason I used the word ‘ Overpublishing’ and not overwriting. Firstly, There should be no such thing as overwriting. The ideas come and go, but you don’t stop writing.

The idea is; Definitely write more because you need to polish your skills but publish not more than 2 articles per day.

Make more and more drafts as these will save you on your writer’s block days. Posting so many articles within a short time will affect your ranking with respect to Medium’s algorithm and the articles will not get proper time to get exposed to the audience.



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