Unconventional Success: How I Defied Doubt and Thrived in Website Testing

Vanessa H.
3 min readSep 17, 2023

I have been gatekeeping this for so long.

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Have you ever yearned for an effortless way to boost your income? As a writer and influencer, I’m always on the lookout for side hustle ideas that can supplement my monthly earnings. Recently, I stumbled upon the world of website testing, a venture I initially thought required extensive IT or coding knowledge. However, my journey into this unconventional field has been a revelation, proving that with the right approach, anyone can thrive. In this article, I’ll share my experience and success story, including valuable insights on how to maximize your earnings through website testing.

Getting Started with Website Testing:

I began my website testing journey by registering on TestIO, a reputable platform in the industry. To qualify as a tester, I had to successfully pass their assessment. This was a nerve-wracking endeavor, as failing meant limited opportunities. But with determination, I overcame this hurdle and achieved certified tester status. This unlocked a world of possibilities, as I started receiving test requests and invitations from around the globe.

Earning Potential and Advantages:

Initially, my earnings were modest, but what set website testing apart was the currency—I was paid in valuable Spanish euros, a top global currency. Before diving into projects, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with essential aspects such as testing functional bug reports, evaluating visual and content bug reports, and handling bug report attachments. Once you grasp these fundamentals, you can begin your journey to financial gain.

Unlocking Greater Earnings:

But here’s the exciting part: you can increase your income not only through testing but also by referring others to join the platform. By doing so, I boosted my monthly earnings from $100–150 to an impressive $500–700. Wondering how I accomplished this feat? Here are my initial earnings.

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My Winning Strategy



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