Writers Weekly Word Bank

Vanessa H.
1 min readNov 20, 2021

Stop using the same old phrases/words.

I believe in Quality over Quantity but writing good quality content doesn’t only depend upon what you are trying to convey but also — how you are conveying your message.

Being a beginner writer myself and having an urge to help others write confidently on this platform, I have decided to search and share the cool versions of phrases and commonly used words in our articles/stories.

How will it help? You don’t have to learn all of this at once. I would suggest Learning and most importantly using 2–3 new words in place of old, over-used terms daily. You will notice a good vocabulary built in your post.

Also, a cool and catchy bunch of words never hurt anyone.

Here are the Words Commonly used and What you can choose to go for instead of them — The good thing is, You have choices here too.

Very Eager — keen

Very Dry — Parched

Very Happy. Jubilant

Very Valuable — Precious

Very Bright — Dazzling

Very Hungry — Famished

Very strange — Bizarre

Very Week -Feeble

Very Serious — Solemn

Very Neat — Immaculate

Very Beautiful-Exquisite

Very poor — Destitute

Very Painful-Excruciating



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