Your Articles Will Never Earn Less Than $5 After Doing These Things

Vanessa H.
3 min readApr 3, 2022

At least a sufficient meal is guaranteed.

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I have been on this site (Medium) for a year almost and My journey hasn’t been that smooth at all.

Sometimes the results were shocking, sometimes disappointing, and sometimes I got nothing in the result.

After writing more than 50 articles and earning more than $500 so far, I came to know some tips that make my article earn at least a $5.

The least I have ever got on my article is $5.7 and the highest payment I got from a single article was $207. (Screenshot attached)

Making your content go viral and having 25k+ views a month is a hard and luck-based game to play but ensuring at least a few bucks on every article your write is not that hard, to be honest.

This is why few artists here earn good money because they don’t force themselves into writing more and more content but they make sure whatever they publish is at least a few bucks worth.

An attractive photo

90% of the writers here will put a lot of attention to their article and its minor details but when it comes to selecting a photo, They will select the most common photo available on the very front page of the site.

That’s not how it works.

Just like your topic, Your main photo must also be attractive enough to get more views.

Photos that are attractive usually light a curiosity in people’s minds about how the image will relate to the blog or what’s actually inside that relates to the image.

In most cases, You may also use clickbait kind of photos as long as your content provides value.

Choosing the best tags

Medium limits us to use only 5 tags per article which is actually a good thing that permits only the concerned community to view an article.

But with the tags, You must be very careful.

Choose one parent topic that your article is about and then for the rest of the tags, I add words/topics that are the sub-topics of the parent topic.

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